Yoga For Abs

Yoga For Abs

So recently I have been hosting more and more fitness yoga style classes and PT sessions – I think summer unlocks energy inside all of us that makes us want to get out, be more active and improve our health!  I also think the Coronavirus has turned peoples attention towards their health more too!  The fitter and healthier you are, the less likely you are to get sick. Or if you are unfortunate enough to get sick, then the fitter you are the quicker and better you will recover – so give your body a fighting chance!

If you are not a keen runner or hate the traditional aerobics style classes that gyms run, then perhaps you might be interested to know that yoga can get fit through yoga too!?

Yoga is a brilliant tool to sculpt and tone the body, and contradictory to some people understanding – you can actually get quite a sweat on from a yoga practice!

From this week, I will be running a FREE 6-week introductory Fitness Yoga class online every Thursday lunchtime.

Using HIIT or Tabata style techniques I will combine yoga with cardio to create a fun, body blast, style class – come along and give it a go!

Each class is just 30-mins long – you can sign up here:

Meanwhile, if you are keen to get started – why not give these yoga poses a go to get stronger, leaner abs…


Here are Flotality’s top 5 yoga poses to strengthen and tone up those core muscles…⁠

1. Tiger Curls⁠

Start in down-facing dog pose. Inhale to send one leg up and back (three-legged dog), as you exhale bring the knee forwards between the arms, tucking it up into your chest and seeing if you can touch your nose to the knee – that last squeeze is going to really help activate those abdominal muscles! Repeat on the other side making sure to do both an equal number of times.  I would suggest aiming to do 5-10 reps per leg, mixing this movement in between others, and maybe even doing several rounds to get a good sweat on!

2. Side Plank⁠

Working those side abs too – tone and sculpting those love handles!  Come into plank pose, role your weight over onto one side (left or right it doesn’t matter – you will do the other side in a sec!).  Option to use the knee to support, stack your feet, place the top foot in front or behind to stabilise, or if your feeling daring why not try to lift the top leg into the air to create a star shape and push the pose!?  You can simply hold for 30 secs, or maybe add some hip taps to make the pose more dynamic.

3. Boat Pose⁠

Come to a seated position on your mat, bring your heels lifted in towards your bum, toes gently resting on the floor and knees to chest.  Now lift your arms and reach straight out in front with active hands, ensuring your chest is lifted and you are not slumping into your lower back. Option to stay in this tucked position as a beginner modification. Option 2 lift your toes off the floor but stay tucked. Option 3, extend the legs so you are in a seated V position.  You can support your self if needed by using your fingers to balance on the floor by your hips.  However, make sure you still keep lifting through your chest and your lower back never slumps.

To make this more of a cardio movement, why not transition between the tucked position and the extended position for 10 or so reps.  Feel those abs!

4. Bird Dogs⁠

Kneeling or in plank. Simply raise and extend alternate leg and arm, reaching forward and back.

Try not to twist at the hips though – keep them parallel to the floor.  Imagine you have a glass of water on your back and you are trying not to spill it.

Either hold this extended position for 30 secs each side or make it more dynamic by adding a crunch (elbow to knee).

5. Supine Abdominal Twists⁠

Come down on you your backs in a supine position on the floor.

Lift your knees to chest and take your arms out wise, palms facing down in a shape position.

As you exhale drop your knees over to one side (don’t worry if they don’t touch the floor) as you inhale brace your core and lift them back up to centre, then repeat on the other side.

You can do 10 or so reps (5 each side)


Need some help?

Feel free to message me for help and teaching tips! Or head over to to find out more about my Fitness Yoga classes and personal training services.⁠

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