Useful Links

A few handy links to brands, products and services we love to help you with your healthy lifestyle…

  • Wyld and Fit

    Wyld and Fit

    Our Founders, Harriet Smith, personal blog site

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  • Yoga Journal

    Yoga Journal

    One of the best online publications to read on everything yoga!

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  • Nasty Lifestyle

    Nasty Lifestyle

    I am a brand ambassador for these guys - I love their kit and have worn it for years - good quality, well-fitting fitness clothing that moves with your body how you need it to in workouts or yoga sessions. Get FREE delivery by using code: FLOTALITY.

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  • Skin Code by The Beauty Alchemist

    Skin Code by The Beauty Alchemist

    A new local skin care business, specialising in natural skin car treatments and products. USE CODE: Flotality15 for 15% off the peppermint spritz

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  • Alo Moves

    Alo Moves

    Get 10% off a range of online video classes for self practice when you can't get to the studio!

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  • Teeki Pants

    Teeki Pants

    Beautiful activewear from the USA made with recycled plastic bottles

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