Corporate Wellness

With greater awareness on both physical and mental health, corporations, brands and businesses face greater responsibility now when it comes to looking after their employees both at the office and at home.

Wellness is a very hot topic at the moment and many companies are reviewing what they offer their employees, not only are they providing healthcare, but alongside this they are offering free access to other things too like fitness classes and nutritional guidance.

Companies that invest in their staff benefit from:

Attracting and retaining the best talent

Boost engagement, productivity and performance among staff

Reduce absence days and healthcare costs

Taking care of your employees mental and physical wellbeing is vital to warding off stress and exhaustion – both factors that can have a detrimental impact on retention rates, quality of work and productivity.

Flotality works with brands and businesses alike to deliver corporate wellness programmes, designed to inspire healthy living, teach the importance of looking after ourselves and aid performance.

From hosting on-site classes and workshops to providing nutritional support and guidance to individual employees. We can also organise team building events and days out should you wish to escape the office!

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Yoga to Focus the Mind

Yoga for work & focus

Yoga is a brilliant tool to calm the mind, relieve stress and improve mental clarity – all vital requirements when you need to be focused for whatever lies ahead.

Flotality has designed ‘Focus’ classes purely for this purpose and are the perfect option for businesses who want to be able to offer their employees a quick early morning before work or lunch time session to combat those afternoon lulls.  These classes generally are ‘non-sweaty’ so no need to worry about shower facilities for after.