Workplace wellbeing programs


Attract the best talent, build engagement, improve productivity & reduce absenteeism

Protect the health of both your staff and your business with our tailored wellbeing programs
that include everything from access to online classes and mini-video guides for those 5-min desk breaks,
to in house workshops, 121 coaching and adventure days or retreats…


Looking after minds, bodies…
and your business too!

Keeping good health both physically and mentally has never been more important.

Businesses now face greater responsibilities for the welfare of their staff and are expected to look after employee health, both in the office and at home.

Taking care of your employees mental and physical wellbeing is vital to warding off stress and exhaustion – both factors that can have a detrimental impact on retention rates, quality of work and productivity.

Healthy, happy staff, that feel looked after by their employers, tend to be more engaged, more productive, less likely to take sick days and generally more loyal to the business.

Wellness programs are now essential – protect the health of both your staff and your business through our revitalising and engaging wellbeing programs, tailored to suit your needs that can be delivered both virtually and in person.


  • Online yoga classes & video guides
    With access to live coaching & class video library
  • Wellness workshops
    Both online and at your venue</em>
  • Elite wellness coaching for professionals
  • Offsite adventure days & retreats

Companies that invest in their staff benefit from:

Attracting and retaining the best talent

Boost engagement, productivity and performance among staff

Reduce absence days and healthcare costs

How we work

Flotality works with brands and businesses alike to deliver corporate wellbeing programs, designed to inspire healthy living, teach the importance of looking after ourselves and aid performance.
Each program is tailored to your individual business needs and budget, solutions can be delivered 100% online, in-person, a mix of both.

No long term contracts, pay as you go, for what you need.

Our workplace wellbeing programs:

Empower your staff to take care of their minds and bodies

Motivate & inspire your team

Offer flexible packages, services and pricing


From virtual classes or workshops, mini video guides and nutrition coaching to on-site sessions, elite coaching for individuals or even organising team building events, adventure days or retreats should you wish to escape the office

Get in touch to discuss the endless possibilities!

Flo at Home Online Yoga Classes

Live Classes | Video Library | Mini Desk Flows

    • Enjoy 5 x live Zoom classes every week
    • Unlimited access to an extensive yoga video library to replay classes anytime, anywhere…
    • PLUS! EXCLUSIVE Workplace Yoga mini-desk flows video library included (for corporate customers only)!

Classes range between 20-30-mins long, so easy to fit in around work, family, or anything else you might have on!⁠

I offer a range of styles, suitable for all levels and abilities.

Get Flo at Home for your staff from just £99pmAccess the mini-desk flow library from just £49pm

Private Classes & Workshops

Online or in-person at your venue

Invite the whole company to enjoy an inspiring wellness talk, set up a yoga or fitness class for you and your team, or host a lunchtime workshop… whatever you choose, Flotality is here to help connect friends and colleagues through movement and wellness…

Book your private class now

Elite Coaching

121 training for professionals

Online or in-person. Supporting the individual mind and body, aiding stress-relief, helping to improve concentration and mental wellbeing as well as physical health too.

Using yoga-based training techniques, combined with nutritional advice and accountability support I work with high-level professionals all around the world…

Book a call now to discuss your goals

Adventure Days & Retreats

Escape the office or a day or even several!

Whether you are looking for a unique team-building day out, an incentive reward trip, or just to reboot and re-charge, a Flotality adventure will be just your ticket to feeling revived, exhilarated and ready to hit the ground (or desk) running again!

Book a call now to design your adventure

Combat loneliness, inspire healthier lifestyles, boost mental wellbeing…

The global pandemic combined with national lockdowns for some has meant long lonely hours, working from home, at poor desk setups.  This impacts an employee’s health both physically and mentally, and will inevitably impact your business too…

A simple wellness program can inspire employees to keep fit & healthy, boost their mood and motivation, easing the stresses and strains of work helping them to lead a healthier, happier life.

From a business perspective, a simple wellbeing program can reduce staff absence, boost team morale, improve productivity and encourage staff loyalty

Since working from home and having little access to the gym, I had been so stiff and starting seizing up. Motivation to train at home was low but I thought I might as well give this Yoga a try so it doesn’t go to waste. I downloaded 1 of the sessions and that was it I was hooked!

It has increased my motivation – I went from being too tired to get up early to actually looking forward to getting up to train. Every morning for the last 3 weeks I have been up super early to fit a session in.

I have tried all the video’s now and can’t praise them enough. So easy to follow and mobility has improved so much again already. My knee pain is also easing off and just feeling great.

Thanks again!

Yoga to Focus the Mind

Yoga for work & focus

Yoga is a brilliant tool to calm the mind, relieve stress and improve mental clarity – all vital requirements when you need to be focused for whatever lies ahead.

Flotality offers businesses yoga classes specifically designed for their staff to help focus and prepare them for the day ahead or even to refresh their minds for the afternoon if booked at lunchtime.  These bespoke sessions are ‘non-sweaty’ so no need to worry about shower facilities for after and can be delivered on line or onsite.


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