How-to do Uttanasana – Forward Fold Stretch

How-to do Uttanasana – Forward Fold Stretch

A basic Forward Fold Stretch and a pose that you will find used in nearly every yoga practice either as a posture on its own or a transitional movement.

Uttanasana, Forward Fold Stretch, stretches the hamstrings, calves and hips, but did you know it also has many other benefits too?

Any inversion, or movement where your head is upside down, within yoga can help calm the brain, relieve stress, headaches and mild depression as well as increase focus – reducing stress and anxiety. A good one for insomniacs to practice too!

Forward bends or folds help stimulate internal organs too such as the kidneys and liver, as well as improve digestion.

There are many variations for Uttanasana, however, I have only shown the basic one in this short instructional video for now.

Key tips for this Forward Fold Stretch

Below are a few key tips for getting the most out of this pose:

  1. Always try and retain length in the spine, you can do this by focusing on bringing your chest to your thighs first (or nipples to knees) – if this means taking a slight bend in the knees first then do so, find the length, then start to work on straightening your legs.
  2. Ensure the crown of the head hangs toward the ground, this will help release tension in the neck (should be loose) and help create further length in the spine.


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