Workplace Wellness – keeping fit, happy and healthy at work!

workplace wellness

Workplace Wellness – keeping fit, happy and healthy at work!

Wellness in the workplace is top of my list to discuss this week – it’s often the environment where many of us end up stressed out, frazzled and eventually burnt out!  A girls (or a guy) got to eat, but that doesn’t mean we have to work ourselves into the ground!

We need to prioritise our wellness more often – both as an employee and an employer.

Fitter, healthier staffer are way more productive, cost the company less in expenses and create a happier working environment and company culture.  So if you don’t have a wellness program in place – maybe today is the day to start looking into it!


Meanwhile… here are a few top tips to keep healthy, happy and productive at work…

Workplace wellness Tips

1. Take your breaks

How often do you find yourself sat at your desk taking your lunch break whilst still ploughing through emails and work?! I’m just as guilty for it as the rest of you!  

However, our bodies and minds need us to take that break, we need to take our eyes off the screen, move around and recharge – trust me you will be way more productive for it, gain a burst of energy and maybe even get more done than you might have if you stayed sat at your desk plodding through!  

2. Eat and drink well

Avoid those sugar crashes from snacking badly at your desk, try to drink more water to improve focus and make sure you do take breaks to actually enjoy eating your food properly.  

3. Move & breathe

Be that enjoying a fitness or yoga class, going for a run or just simply taking a walk – whatever your preference, just make sure you get up, get out, move and breathe.  

Our bodies are not build to be sedentary, they crave movement in order to keep aches and pains at bay. Combining movement with breath can also help elevate stress, calm the mind, bringing focus and clarity – ultimately making you more productive so that you can work smarter, not harder, and avoid burnouts! 

4. Walking meetings

How many meetings actually require you to be sat at a screen?  Could you opt to take your meetings on a walk instead?  Bet that plugging into a Zoom call on your mobile, or if in-person why not suggest a walking meeting instead.  It’s a good way to get away from the desk, or screen, get active and get some fresh air – the healthier meeting option!

5. Unplug

These days we are contactable 24/7 – but that doesn’t been we have to be available to work 24/7 – learn to switch off your email and work phone at the end of the day. Take technology breaks and completely unplug from all digital tech 1 hour before bedtime, maybe read a book or practise some yin yoga,  you will benefit from a better nights sleep.  And the same for when you go on annual leave – the world won’t end without you, and you are entitled to time off.  So take it!

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