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How to introduce yoga or any workplace wellness program to your business

There are so many reasons why companies and corporations are introducing wellness programs into their workplaces, from boosting staff morale and encouraging loyalty, to increasing productivity and reducing absentees.

The importance of workplace wellness

Businesses now face greater responsibilities for the welfare of their staff and are expected to look after employee health, both in the office and at home.

If your business hasn’t already jumped on the bandwagon, then you are missing out!

A workplace wellness program can protect the health of both your staff and your business – taking care of your staff can help ward off stress and exhaustion, both factors that can have a detrimental impact on retention rates, quality of work, sales and productivity.

If you are keen to get started but have no idea how then read on below…

5 top tips to consider when introducing a workplace wellness program

1. Provide free access to yoga classes or other wellness activities

Employees are now expecting companies to include wellness activities in their benefits packages.  Free access to online yoga classes could be one of the wellness benefits your company could offer.  Yoga is a great practice for anyone or any level of fitness to enjoy.  For example, with my Flo at Home service (available for businesses too), I teach HIIT Yoga for those who want to burn, sweat and tone, Slo Flo restorative yoga to tick that mindfulness box, helping reduce stress and anxiety, and Flo & Restore to support the better movement as well as ease aches and pains.

2. Consider Accessibility

With remote working on the rise, online yoga and fitness classes have become a popular option for Workplace wellness programmes due to the limitless options for accessibility.

  • Join live classes – in your time zone or across the globe
  • Practice or workout when you want with on-demand videos
  • Train from anywhere, anytime – whatever suits your employees and your work schedule best!

3. Give space for wellness

Employers who allow staff to train or take time for wellness activities within their working day are guaranteed to see a far higher uptake of their Workplace Wellness programs.

For employees working from the office – why not consider dedicating a meeting room or area that can be used for wellness breaks.

Fit and healthy staff make for a happier, more productive workplace, not to mention increased loyalty and retention too!

4. Encourage and support your team

This point could be tackled in a number of ways… From treating your staff to a wellness allowance to buy equipment or accessories to support their wellness activities, to setting up office challenges that encourage people to use the wellness tools you have provided – for example, you could treat the person who partakes in the most classes that month to a free afternoon off work or another prize of some sort.

5. Use wellness activities for your team building events

Explore and discover new ways to keep fit and healthy, whilst bonding as a team.  From yoga classes to mindfulness and nutrition workshops, or even offsite adventure days!

Design your workplace wellness program today…

For more information about my corporate wellness services and offers, please click here, or get in touch directly – we can have a chat, discuss your requirements and I can share a few ideas that might work for you and your team!

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Workplace Wellness – keeping fit, happy and healthy at work!

Wellness in the workplace is top of my list to discuss this week – it’s often the environment where many of us end up stressed out, frazzled and eventually burnt out!  A girls (or a guy) got to eat, but that doesn’t mean we have to work ourselves into the ground!

We need to prioritise our wellness more often – both as an employee and an employer.

Fitter, healthier staffer are way more productive, cost the company less in expenses and create a happier working environment and company culture.  So if you don’t have a wellness program in place – maybe today is the day to start looking into it!


Meanwhile… here are a few top tips to keep healthy, happy and productive at work…

Workplace wellness Tips

1. Take your breaks

How often do you find yourself sat at your desk taking your lunch break whilst still ploughing through emails and work?! I’m just as guilty for it as the rest of you!  

However, our bodies and minds need us to take that break, we need to take our eyes off the screen, move around and recharge – trust me you will be way more productive for it, gain a burst of energy and maybe even get more done than you might have if you stayed sat at your desk plodding through!  

2. Eat and drink well

Avoid those sugar crashes from snacking badly at your desk, try to drink more water to improve focus and make sure you do take breaks to actually enjoy eating your food properly.  

3. Move & breathe

Be that enjoying a fitness or yoga class, going for a run or just simply taking a walk – whatever your preference, just make sure you get up, get out, move and breathe.  

Our bodies are not build to be sedentary, they crave movement in order to keep aches and pains at bay. Combining movement with breath can also help elevate stress, calm the mind, bringing focus and clarity – ultimately making you more productive so that you can work smarter, not harder, and avoid burnouts! 

4. Walking meetings

How many meetings actually require you to be sat at a screen?  Could you opt to take your meetings on a walk instead?  Bet that plugging into a Zoom call on your mobile, or if in-person why not suggest a walking meeting instead.  It’s a good way to get away from the desk, or screen, get active and get some fresh air – the healthier meeting option!

5. Unplug

These days we are contactable 24/7 – but that doesn’t been we have to be available to work 24/7 – learn to switch off your email and work phone at the end of the day. Take technology breaks and completely unplug from all digital tech 1 hour before bedtime, maybe read a book or practise some yin yoga,  you will benefit from a better nights sleep.  And the same for when you go on annual leave – the world won’t end without you, and you are entitled to time off.  So take it!

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How to implement an effective wellbeing program for your business

When it comes to sorting and implementing a workplace wellbeing program it can be a bit of a minefield, especially if the health and fitness industry is not your scene!

With so many options, at so many prices and so many different companies all seemingly offering the same thing but different, it can be hard to know which way to go, and probably in many cases, you or your company will just give up on the whole thing all together!

But don’t!

Workplace wellbeing is a hot topic right now, and I can see these kinds of programs being critical for businesses to include in their employee offering in the not too distant future.  Why?

  • For the protection of your business. Probably not the nicest one to start with, but business is business… hands up who can see a whole host of complaints where people claim that their home set up has crippled their health – be that physically or mentally?
  • For productivity. Happier, healthier staff will take fewer sick days, probably be more productive and create a nicer working environment around!
  • To show that you care – staff loyalty is everything!  Happier healthier staff tend to be more loyal, and will also help you to attract better talent!

You can read more about the benefits here

So where do you start?!

In steps your wellness consultant (Moi!) to help decipher, design and implement a program suitable for your business, your staff, your goals and of course budget!

A wellness consultant like me can help you…

  • Determine what your company and your staff require exactly
  • Support and deliver all aspects of your wellness program
  • Arrange and deliver team building event on and offsite
  • A direct point of contact for you and your staff to check in with on all wellbeing issues
  • Analysis and tracking of staff wellbeing vs performance

Why might you need a workplace wellness consultant?

A workplace wellness consultant is a fairly new role on the scene, but I suspect it will become an increasingly vital role that many businesses will seek to include in their talent pools working alongside or within your existing HR and health and safety teams.  A wellness consultant will be able to help you design the best wellbeing program utilising their wealth of knowledge and experience within the health and fitness market as well as become a source of inspiration for your staff for seeking a healthier lifestyle.

A wellness consultant will help you:

To find the right mix…

With so many people now choosing to work remotely part or even full time, it is important that your company can offer a virtual solution as well as in-house so that no one is left out.

This could be simply giving your staff access to online (public) group classes for a low budget solution, or taking a more personal approach for your business and organising regular private classes and workshops held online or in-person

If your company has yet to return to the office then you may opt for 100% virtual, for now, and introduce in-person events later on when things return to normal.

You could even look to organise a wellness day off-site to promote team building – this could be a once a month, quarterly or even just a one-off as and when suits!  Organising an adventure or wellness day could be a great way to reunite and socialise again in a safe environment after such a long time apart due to the pandemic.

Choosing between Classes VS Workshops

Classes and workshops are both options that can be hosting in-person or online.

A class typically would be a regular feature in the diary, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, in a follow-along format – be that yoga, fitness or relaxation.

A workshop is usually a little longer – 1 hour to half a day, maybe even a full day, focusing on one theme or skill, with 121 coaching and breakout sessions included depending on the topic.  A workshop might be focused on a yoga skill, or might be a talk about healthy eating or lifestyle habits.  These are usually one-off events, although you might wish to host once a month, looking at different topics, inviting guest speakers etc.

Seeking out suitable Incentives and benefits for extra staff engagement

Including benefits such as discounts to certain services or products, or incentives for example when people partake for a certain number of times they are rewarded with XYZ, are a great way to encourage stage to actively engage with your wellness program and ensure it is being used to its full advantage – reinforcing for you of course that it is money spent well.

However, getting access to benefits or creating a reward scheme is a job on its own, so a wellness consultant would be able to support you here as they may already have access to such schemes that can easily be plugged and played into your program.

Develop a community-driven program

A wellness program gives your company an excellent platform to get staff feedback, develop a strong company culture and build a community of loyal fans within your company. Perhaps you might encourage the use of the program and treat your staff to a wellness break once or twice a week during working hours to make use of the services offered without impacting on their homelife – the uptake is more likely to be higher.  Of course, within time and with regular attendance the benefits of optimum wellness will become clear to the individual to a point where they will make time at home to part take as well.

Offsite adventures & team building days are a great way to help your staff get to know each other, build relationships, even friendships, and create a friendly vibe back at the office!

Again, both aspects can take time to organise and manage in addition to your everyday role of running your business. A wellness consultant can take the load and sort for you, hassle-free – all you have to do is turn up!

Something for every kind of business…

Small businesses:
As a small business, budgets might be tight, but you want to be seen to be offing something!  A few options you might consider within your wellness program are:

  • A virtual offering – access to public online classes for free, or at a discount.
  • In-person classes, held at your office once a week or once a month, maybe at lunchtimes or early doors?
  • The occasional adventure day – escaping the office and getting to know each other whilst doing something healthy!

Medium to large businesses:

  • A virtual offering – access to public online classes for free, or at a discount.
  • In-person classes, held at your office once a week or once a month, maybe at lunchtimes or early doors?
  • Wellness workshops – onsite or online with guest speakers and interesting topics around healthy living.
  • Adventure days or retreats

International corporations:

  • With many working remotely you definitely need a strong virtual offering, this could include:
    • Access to live classes
    • Access to a video library of class options
    • Private online classes for teams or even for the whole company to join
    • Private online workshops
  • Adventure retreats – bringing the company together once a month, quarterly or even an annual adventure

Elite wellness coaching

Flotality can also offer elite wellness coaching for high-level individuals to support them with their nutrition and fitness, helping them destress and find clarity and focus when work is overwhelming and encouraging a healthier body & mindset.


Want to know more, or get a quote for your business?

Flotality offers flexible packages and pricing, our wellness programs are designed specifically for your company or organisation, no program is the same and can be tailored to suit your needs.

If you would like to discuss your requirements and request a quote, please contact Harriet Smith:

T: 07803146960


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