What are the benefits of yoga?

benefits of yoga

What are the benefits of yoga?

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice that strengthens, aligns and restores the body and mind using movement and breath. Lessons can vary massively from style and intensity so we recommend that you get out there and try as many different styles and teachers as possible – don’t be put off by your first class if you didn’t like it, there really is a form of yoga out there for everyone!

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Yoga benefits everyone – from complete beginners and people who rarely exercise, to professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.

Yoga will hone and tone your body, through improving strength, balance and flexibility as well as your general health, energy levels and mental wellbeing.  The practice can also be used more specifically too, from muscle recovery and reducing risk of injury to aiding focus and mental clarity, or even as a mediation technique to calm the mind and improve sleep quality for those who suffer with insomnia. If you have an ailment or problem, the chances are there is a yoga sequence out there that can help you!

How can yoga help with sport?

Many professional athletes use yoga as an aid to help their sporting performance.  Yoga is all about looking after our bodies, not just by improving flexibility but also strengthening them too.  The art of yoga practice itself could be considered as a form of active mediation which in turn can help with focus and clarity –helping immensely when pushing your body to new limits or lifting heavier weights.

How can yoga help with fertility?

Yoga can also help improve fertility success too.  There are a number of poses and postures that encourage better blood flow to nourish and rejuvenate the reproductive organs, balance hormones and improve general energy flows within the body – not to mention the stress relief benefits that yoga brings to the table, something you may well need if you have been trying to conceive for a long time.

How can yoga help with focus?

As mentioned before, yoga can be used as an aid to increase focus and mental clarity. This doesn’t just have to be used within a physical fitness environment, but could also help increase focus for work purposes too.  We offer a range of different classes at Flotality to help with different needs, our Focus classes and private sessions are ideal for this purpose or requirement.

What do I need to know before attending a yoga class with Flotality?

1. Pick your class style

At Flotality we offer several different types of classes:


Our Balance classes are more fitness and health based.  In these classes we will be working on strength and flexibility as well as improving balance and relieving stress.  These classes are ideal for beginners, general yoga practice or those who want something that compliments their existing fitness training.


Our Focus classes are all about releasing stress, clearing the mind and finding clarity through movement and breath.  The art of practicing yoga has this magical calming effect on the body and mind and can massively help when performed before work or even a weightlifting class where you might be trying to hit a PB!


Our Restore classes are all about releasing the body, ridding it of toxins, freeing tension, relaxation and stress relief.  These classes are set at a slightly slower pace than our other classes and are perfect for everyone who just needs a bit of TLC.

Fertility Yoga:

We also offer fertility yoga classes that are specifically design to improve hormonal balance and wellbeing within the body as well as helping with stress relief.

View our class time table here.

2. What to wear

To all our classes you should wear comfortable, active wear that is not restrictive, but equally will keep your modesty in the various poses that we will hold throughout the session.  All classes are a shoe free zone, so please take your shoes off at the door.  We prefer if you practice barefoot rather than socks if possible.

3. What to bring

Water – it’s important you stay hydrated and we cannot guarantee water will be available on site at some of our venues. We will supply mats, blocks and straps, but if you have your own, please feel free to bring them too.

4. New to yoga – don’t panic!

All our classes can be tailored for complete beginners – there is always a scaled option available if you are unable to do a certain pose that is being taught.  The most important thing to get the most from yoga is to leave your ego at the door and make sure you do what feels good at that moment for your body.  It is not about who can go the deepest, balance the longest or stretch the furthest.  Yoga is about being present and listening to your body – that way you will be sure to get the most out of each class!


If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out, by email, phone of Facebook message – we will always be happy and ready to help! 

Hopefully see you on the mat soon!



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