Running Tips for Beginners

Running Tips for Beginners

This weekend I have been thinking a lot about running tips – how can I help those of you who absolutely hate running begin to enjoy it even if its just about making it more bearable.

Down at my Crossfit Box, and probably with my local neighbours too, I am known as the ‘Running Girl’!

I’m not naturally strong, I can’t lift big weights (I’m working on it though) and my gymnastics skills are questionable, but I am good at cardio – moving quickly and preferably running!  So whenever running is programmed in the WOD (which isn’t often) I jump for joy – it’s something I can actually do and am good at!

On Good Friday, my time came – running was programmed in Fridays WOD!  However, this was much to everyone else’s misery – it never seises to surprise me how many of the guys and ladies down the box hate running with a vengeance.

I used to (believe it or not) HATE running, I would do anything to avoid it – bike, row, use the cross trainer…  It wasn’t until one day, a guy at the gym I was going to at the time offered to take me out in the forest just across the road from the gym to trail run.  Of course at first I must admit I was suspicious, but after a few training sessions inside the safety of the gym with him, I soon realised he was harmless and actually a really nice bloke.  So I agreed to go outside and went on my first #WildRun – taking my dog for safety just in case!  I can’t say I loved it straight away, but I decided it was something that I wanted to improve on, so I stuck at it and within 6 months I grew to love running.

Now, I can truly say I love running.

I find my peace when I run. I escape from the world for just a few moments and focus on me, how I am feeling, what my body is telling me, enjoying the company I am with or the surroundings or both. I would love to help others who don’t enjoy it (like I once did) turn it around, find their pace, even if it just makes those CrossFit running sessions a little more bearable! Running is something everyone can do (within obvious mobility reason) – no matter how rich, or how poor you are, you can always run for free!

So here it is – my top 3 running tips for beginners running…

Top 3 Running Tips

1 Breathing Technique for Running

When I ask why someone doesn’t enjoy running it’s usually always the same answer – ‘I cant get my breath’, ‘I struggle to breath’ or something similar along those lines… Getting your breathing right is the first step to a more enjoyable run.

So tip number one: Take a deep breath in through the nose, then blow out quickly twice.  its a method boxers use to regulate their breathing pattern, and it works for running too.

It also helps take the focus of how much you hate it and the pain your body might be in, to focusing purely on your breath.

Give it a go – see if it helps make it a little easier!


2 Choosing the right Running Shoes

I never realised until i started running regularly enough to begin getting shin splints how important getting the right footwear was.

Make sure you get a good running shoe that suits the shape of your foot as well as they type of surface you are running on – heavy fashion trainers are not fit for running in.

You need a cushioned sole to absorb the impact and protect your joints.  if you are rail running you may want to look for a shoe with good treads, if you are road running, then perhaps mor cushioning might be better as this is known to be a harder surface for joints.

With all running types and surfaces, make sure you do your laces up well, tie them on tight to avoid your foot moving within the shoe.  A good well tied on shoe should mould to your foot and not move.


3 Eliminating that Throat Burn

Finally, when I first started running I suffered massively from throat burn, and I hear the same complaint from other beginners from time to time.

One of the best bits of advise I got to solve this problem, came from a family friend who is a personal trainer.  He looked at my stance and body position when i was running – it was all wrong, I pushed my chest forward which in turn also caused me to point my chin up and forward, stretching the throat out and hence causing the burn.  It took one simple adjustment to correct the lot..

‘Tuck your chin down’ he said, not right down but just down enough to relax my neck and put my chest back into an upright alignment with the rest of my body.

It worked! From this day forth, I have never suffered throat burn.


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  • Kiersty

    April 4, 2018 at 9:00 am Reply

    Great tips! Cheers Harriet 🙂

    Any ideas on how to avoid pain in hips or knees on longer runs? Potentially the shoes?

    • admin

      April 4, 2018 at 12:36 pm Reply

      Hey Kiersty!
      When I get niggles in my knees I take a glucosamine supplement – this helps to keep the joints supple!
      This usually helps me within a few days, if you are running regularly, try and take it daily.

      Shoes are definitely a factor – the wrong shoes can definitely cause/contribute to the problems.
      You might also find it could be caused by a tightness in other muscles – I have this in the past before too.

      Finally, another contributing factor could be your stance whilst running – getting the right stride/body alignment can help a ton for reducing risk of injury, increasing performance and just helping to make it easier all-round.

      I’m not a pro by any means, but I have just found these little bits of useful info along the way that have helped me massively!

      Hope that helps?!

      H x

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