Sugar-Free Protein Powders

Sugar-Free Protein Powders

Living sugar-free doesn’t mean being restrictive when it comes to your food or shakes – you can still enjoy many treats, you just have to be a bit smarter about which ones! Lots of protein powders and pre-made drinks have a tone of sugar in them, so you definitely need to be careful.  Unfortunately, most pre-mixed protein shakes come high in sugar too – I guess it’s just the best way to preserve things and make the use-by dates last longer!

However, on the powder side of things, there are plenty of options! And after searching high and low for the perfect low sugar/sugar-free protein powders for my shakes I have compiled my top 5.  See below for my thoughts on each, the pros and the cons, plus which one wins overall…

My top 5 sugar-free protein powders

1. WellCo – Nourishing Protein Powder

Elle McPherson’s WellCo is an obvious candidate for this competition.  Her nourishing protein powders have been carefully formulated to provide your body with the very best minerals and vitamins, in the perfect quantities that your body needs.  She prides her products on being fully organic, however, it comes with a price tag to match, as it is probably the most expensive protien powder in this race.  That said it has a lovely refreshing taste and consistency and probably made me feel great from the inside out. Another thing to note is that this was the highest powder for calories, so if you add fruit or nut butter to your sakes you might want to take this into consideration to avoid overload! For those not trying to lose weight through this shouldn’t be a problem. Finally, you cannot buy this powder in your local supermarket, so you will need to factor in delivery time too, especially if you want to make sure you have a constant supply.  However, WellCo does offer bulk-buy bundle deals so that should help on costs if you choose this one. Overall verdict expensive but good, if you can afford it/justify it I would definitely give it a go!

2. SunWarrior – Warrior Blend

My favourite sugar-free protien powders, hands-down!  Sun Warrior has a great range of products in general, but their Warrior protein blend nails it for what I need!  Plant-based, organic if you want it, not too high in calories (so I can add as much nut butter and as many bananas as I like for bulk) with a good amount of flavours and sizes to choose from.  Not only does it have a great fresh taste, unlike many other powders, I also think it’s pretty reasonably priced when you consider the quantity you get and value for money!  The only down-fall is that you don’t seem to be able to buy it in local supermarkets so you will need to plan ahead to make sure you don’t run dry!  That said, it’s still very easy to order online, and comes pretty quickly too.  Works well in everything from shakes to pancakes and even hot chocolate too!


3. My Protein – Vegan Blend

The most appealing thing about My Protein is the value for money you get – huge sacks of powder for only £19.99!  They also offer a vegan range too, although not organic.  This shake froths up super good – in fact a little too much as I always felt my stomach feels a little swollen after consumption as I think it continues to swell inside you too. It is also very low in calories for the calorie-conscious of you this could be positive, for me I tend to ‘bulk up’ my shakes with a banana and peanut butter so this doesn’t really matter too much to me, however, I don’t want calorie overload either. So on this note would say this brand is great if you are trying to lose weight as you certainly don’t feel hungry on these shakes, but if you are trying to maintain or gain weight then it’s not so great! I also always find they have a funny ‘filmy’ style, aftertaste which I am not sure on personally.


4. MissFits – Vegan Protein Powder

If I have run out of Sun Warrior then this brand seems to be available in many mainstream supermarkets – so it’s easy to grab quickly in emergencies.  It is also reasonably priced too, even if the packets are slightly smaller than Sun Warrior.  With regards to take – not bad at all! No funny filmy aftertaste, and not grainy either when mixed.  In fact, I would say there is not too much difference when compared to Sun Warrior.  The only thing I would say is the size of the packaging – it needs to come with bigger options.  if you drink a shake once or twice a day, like me, then you are likely to get through this packet very quickly. With all the above in mind, I would probably say this is my runner up for the budget-conscious consumer!


5. Purition

the thing that stood out for me about Purition when I first caught glimpse of them was that you could buy discovery packs before you committed to a large pot of the stuff.  They also have a huge array of flavours to choose from as well as the choice between dairy-free, vegan-friendly or whey mixes. Plus their pricing was reasonable and their marketing strategy was pretty sweet too – these guys definitely know what they are doing!  However when it came down to taste, I am not a fan of whey protein mixes anyway, and the plant-based, vegan, option had a grainy texture to it which put me off.  When I drink my shakes I like them to have a think ‘milkshake’ style consistency as quite often I will be using them as a meal replacement or snack – so it needs to feel filling.  The watery consistency of these shakes didn’t make me feel like I had eaten/refuelled properly.  for that reason, I decided not to purchase any more.

So who wins ‘Best Sugar-Free Protein Powders?

Hands-down Sun Warrior win this battle for me – I love the taste, I love how many flavours I can pick from, I love that it is plant-based (no extra unwanted hormones for me thanks!) I also love that you can choose an organic option too if you really wanted.  Plus it’s really easy to purchase on Amazon and they allow you to add this product to your subscribe and save list too – every little helps!

Purchase on Amazon now…

Not convinced – still searching for your perfect low sugar protein mix?

I know it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day – so I promise I won’t hate you if none of the above sugar-free protein powders float your boat!  However, if you are still searching, I can offer you a few tips as to what to look for to make your life easier…

1. Plant-based protein tends to be lower in carbs/sugar as a general rule of thumb

2. Pre-mixed shakes are often loaded with hidden sugars, so if you need something on the go, try opting for a powder still but remember to pack a handy shaker and mix with your fave plant-based milk – I love almond or coconut personally!

I would love to hear from you if you have any alternative options for me to try, so feel free to drop me a DM on Instagram or email me!

Interested in going sugar-free?! Why not join me on my latest challenge…


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