The Flotality concept uses traditional yoga practices and techniques to balance the mind and body with the aim to obtain (and maintain) overall health and wellness, whatever your goals.

We run several types of classes:

Yoga to Balance the Body

Fitness Yoga

Our fitness yoga classes are a little faster in pace than normal, and have been designed to focus purely on building strength, stability, mobility and endurance through a playful flow.

Yoga to Focus the Mind

Move & Breathe

Moving in flow with your breath, these classes build upon core strength, tone muscles, promote better balance, mobility and flexibility as well as destress, revitalise and relax your mind and body.

Yoga to Restore the Body


Sometimes to move fast, we need to go slow. Wind down, stretch off and clam your mind and body to achieve maximal wellbeing. Our restorative classes support recovery, loosen sore muscles, and maintain flexibility.

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