Wild Running: My Story

Wild Running: My Story

I never thought I would love Wild Running – believe it or not, I used to hate any type of running. In fact, I hated it that much that years ago, when my husband used to run a lot, I bought a bike just so I could still go out with him, and ride along side.

So when people say to me “I’m no good at running – it’s the one thing I really hate”, I know exactly where they are coming from.

However, one day, I met a guy at my old gym who said if I wanted some one to run with (there were woodlands across the road from the gym that stretched for miles) then just let him know and he would show me the trails.  Of course at first I was a bit skeptical, not sure what to think, but after getting to know him over a few indoor training sessions in the gym, I decided to give it a try. The day he approached me, was actually the day I was considering giving up my gym membership completely – I wasn’t enjoying it any more, I’d gone into a slump, and with summer coming up I yearned to be outdoors.  Good timing on his part!

The first few runs were hard, more like run, walk, run walk. I hated it, but I am not one to be defeated.  I have learnt over the years, more so now with CrossFit, that rather than saying I can’t, I just need to take a step back, realise my weaknesses and put a little more time in to working harder on those.  I don’t need to be the best, but if I can get to crusing level at whatever it is, I will get by.

Same went for running, I stuck at it, following many of those tips I shared in my earlier blog, and within 6 months I had actually learnt to love it.

I now love wild running and am now self proclaimed, avid, ‘wild runner’ – venturing out at least 2-3 times a week on a trail run!

wild running

Wild Running: It gives me so much more than cardiovascular fitness!

I love being outdoors, exploring the local woodlands, far away from the noise of traffic, and the reality of urban life. Wild running, to coin a phrase, allows me to to enjoy all of that, and at the same time get a good dose of cardio – it’s a win, win!

With everything that we have been going through recently (trying to conceive) quite a few people have told me that I need to stop my fitness. And, to be fair I have tried, for a whole month in fact – I gave up everything fitness wise, and just ended up very miserable, low in mood, energy and general self esteem.

So, I went back to the gym and started wild running again.

Some people just don’t get it, my mum included (she will hate me for saying this), but my running and gym life give me so much more than just fitness.  My fitness gives me:

  • Space to not think – forget about problems, destress, an outlet if you like
  • Time to focus on my body, how it feels, and self awareness
  • A chance to explore, see the world and appreciate the little things around me or the company I am with.

wild running

I have been running now for over 7 years consistently every week, so when I dont go out for a few days my body craves to be let loose!

It is the one form of fitness I will always keep up, even on holiday. I realise the importance of down time and rest, and very often will avoid the gym whilst away, but I definitely will not give up my 2 or 3 runs during the week whilst away. Why would I give up the opportunity to explore and run in a new location, with even more beautiful surroundings to gaze at!?

wild running on holiday

So for any one who hates running – there is light at the end of that tunnel!

Follow my tips, and keep at it. I would say stick with it for 6 months, see if you dont feel a difference!

I bet you will start to enjoy it too, or at least find it easier!

wild running with my dog

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