Welcome to Flotality

Welcome to Flotality

Hi, my name is Harri and I would like to welcome you to Flotality, a brand new concept, designed to inspire and encourage people to lead healthier, balanced, lifestyles in a world where stress and unhealthy habits can take over and prevent us from reaching our ambitions, whether those be fitness goals or general health and wellness targets.

The Flotality concept uses a combination of yoga based exercise techniques alongside nutritional advice to balance the mind and body, with the aim to achieve optimum health and wellness.

My Background

Flotality is a completely new venture for me, and a total change in career direction. I set out my working life, geared towards a career behind a desk in a design based, creative job that I thought I would love full time.  But now years down the line I crave to be more active in my career as well as hobbies and have taken the brave decision to take a complete change and to follow my passion!

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a health and fitness addict!  I rarely sit still and love to be active, be that out side on the water or running trails, or inside my local CrossFit Box or Yoga studio.

Alongside my activities I have a keen interest in nutrition, using it to not only to support my fitness goals but more recently for infertility reasons too – a story I will share another time (or head over to my personal blog for more info).

Diet and exercise are so important, these two factors affect the outcome of everything we do in life, and there are so many people out there getting it wrong.  I am a big believer in natural cures, and a truly believe that many of the drugs handed out by doctors to ‘fix’ problems could be permanently cured (not masked) or totally avoided by simply eating the right things and looking after your body through exercise too.

It’s all about balance!

Our Philosophy

Flotality, although based on traditional hatha yoga practices, has been designed in a unique way to incorporate the movements of this practice, but not necessarily in the traditional yogic way.

Yoga is an ancient practice that’s been around in the western world for centuries.  I personally have been practicing yoga on and off for over a decade now, but only really became obsessed with it this year, and in the process of that obsession I discovered how much yoga has to offer when it comes to complimenting my other activities and generally everyday life – for me that was gaining more from my classes at CrossFit, finding ways to relieve stress and keeping myself sane during times when I had to limit my activity – I have so much to share with you when it comes to the benefits of yoga, but perhaps that for another post!

Sometimes yoga gets a bad rap for being too ‘hippie’, unfortunately many of the classes out there can be a bit ‘far out’ for the average Joe, and many are just filled with women – very off putting for you blokes, I get it!

But trust me, yoga can and should be for everyone – men and women alike!  You just need to find the right teacher and the right style for you.

The Flotality concept has been designed to welcome all, especially the non-yogi. We have Balance classes for general strength and flexibility specifically designed for athletes, we have Focus classes to help clear the mind, improve mental clarity and generate energy for whatever lies ahead in your day, and we also have Restore classes to aid recovery and recharge the body and the mind, run at a faster pace than your average Yin class but still with the same effect.  Read about our classes here.

Flotality, although not traditional, can to be as spiritual or as non-spiritual as you want it to be –  we just give you space to chill out, relax and be present.

The Vision

The dream is to one day have my own studio, a creative, calm space for you all to come visit and escape the outside world with me for an hour or two.  Attached to that I would love to run my own foodie/juice bar serving delicious and nutritious smoothies, bowls and plates!  But for now I will be floating about the local area running classes where I can, providing nutritional advice and sharing my yummy recipes through the blog!

If you would like to find out more about what Flotality has to offer, or come along for a free taster session please get in touch!

T: 07803 146 960

E: hello@flotality.co.uk 







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