I am a Level 3, international yoga teacher specialising in mobility, wellbeing and recovery.


I have been practising yoga for far longer, on and off for over a decade! However, 2018 was the year that Yoga really ‘found me’ and becoming an instructor became part of my path.  You can read more about this story here.


Right now I work part-time as a yoga and mobility coach, and part-time as a graphic designer and digital marketing consultant – my ‘day job’.


I have always been a health and fitness fanatic, I love CrossFit, running and lots of extreme sports too.  My yoga practice has been a great aid in helping to not only recover properly after partaking in these activities, but also helping to build strength and flexibility which has enabled me to progress further in each too.


I am also a trained nutrition coach – an additional qualification that I believe complements my yoga teaching perfectly.  In general, I am naturally a healthy eater, despite my huge sweet tooth, and have always had an interest in nutrition. I love researching ways to improve my own health and performance using food or supplements and am a huge advocate of eating clean, unprocessed foods.

My goal every day is to inspire people to move and feel better in a healthy, natural way – be that physical fitness or finding calm in their mind.

Trained originally in Hatha Yoga, my teaching style is far more dynamic, focusing on functional movement, mobility and stability – qualities I believe are important for everyday living no matter who you are or what your sporting background is or isn’t.


Where possible I try to develop progressive lesson plans for my students so they can see their skills and abilities develop.  I love to challenge my students, help them reach goals or postures they never thought they would be able to do!


My goal as a yoga and mobility coach is to support the functional movement, improve strength and stability, ease/prevent aches and pains as well as the mindful aspects you can expect from a typical yoga class – stress and anxiety relief, improved focus, healthier mindset.


My challenge is to teach as many people as possible who might not necessarily choose to practice yoga normally about the health benefits of this practice and how yoga can be used as a tool to enhance/fix/recover from many things in everyday life; from increasing your fitness performance to becoming more focused at work – or even just to get over a hangover!


I want my students to walk away from clients not only feeling relaxed and rejuvenated but also enabled with a mini toolbox of yoga tricks that they can practice at home if they wish!


As well as group classes I work with individuals on a 121 basis to support recovery from injury and manage various medical conditions.


  • Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (HFE)
  • Level 3 Award in Nutrition for Physical Activity (HFE)
  • Level 3 Diploma in Exercise Referral (HFE)
  • DNA Fit certified trainer
  • The 2 week fascia miracle (Daily OM)