The Splits Challenge – How to Do the Splits

how to do the splits

The Splits Challenge – How to Do the Splits

How to warm-up, get limber and work towards getting low…

How to do the splits!

The famous splits – a goal for many yogis, beginners or regulars alike! At first, this posture may seem impossible but with a good warm-up, regular practice and a bit of perseverance – most will get there.

Here are my key postures and tips to help you on your journey to the splits…


Before jumping right on in there it is important to thoroughly warm-up for the splits.  That means getting your blood flowing, mobilising the body and joints, warming up those muscles etc. Particularly the legs.

Start with a few sun salutations, then look to do a mini flow that focuses on hip mobility and let flexibility.  Plank to down-facing dog AND Lunge to Pyramid pose (lunge extensions) are all good mini flows that will help.

HOW TO DO THE SPLITS how to do the splits

Other poses you might want to include in your flow are:

  • GARLAND POSE with reaching twist.


Movement with the breath allows you to get deeper into poses and stretches by encouraging the body to relax and release.  As a general guide, use your inhale to lift or extend, use your exhale to lower or fold.


Once you are warmed up and feeling limber, you should look to hold each of these poses for at least 30 seconds or 5 breaths.

How to Do the Splits

  • FROG POSE (middle right)
  • LIZARD LUNGE (bottom left)
  • LEG BREAKER – progress to MONKEY TWIST for advanced yogis (bottom centre)
  • PIGEON POSE – but keep pushing up through the hands to enhance the stretch down the front of the back leg. (bottom right)
  • HALF SPLITS – ensure the back leg is vertical, lift though your hips and pull back against the front leg.  Reach forward with your chest and nose – aim to fold your chest over your thighs and reach your toes with your nose! (below)


Don’t forget to let us know how you get on – we would love to see both your progress shots and your final achievements!

Plus, we want to help, so feel free to send them in and we can give you a few more tips to help out!

Good luck!


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