From: £25.00 / month

On-Demand Video Library for employee health and wellbeing bought to you by UK yoga instructor, mobility coach and nutritionist, Harriet Smith.

Enjoy access to 1000’s of video wellness guides designed to help keep your mind, body and business fit, including:

  • Mini-desk flows to relieve aches and pains on your tea break
  • Mini body-part specific mobility sessions
  • Guided breathwork and relaxation for beginners
  • 30-min fitness, yoga and mobility classes
Benefit from becoming one of Flotality’s early adopters and save money with guaranteed LIFETIME rates no matter how big the product grows – limited discounted subscriptions available! 

Find out more below…



In the initial stages of this new service launching, I will be rewarding early adopters of the platform for their support by offering a LIFETIME discounted rate that will remain the same even as the product grows and develops.


As more businesses subscribe to the service, the more I will be able to offer, whilst keeping the price of the product low, you can see my plan for each stage below, what will be included and when…


There are limited numbers of these types of subscriptions up for grabs, so be quick – once they’ve gone, they’ve gone!


See full details below…

The first 25 companies to sign up, will be able to access all of the features currently included within our on-demand service for businesses and also any new features or services added in the future at no extra charge – just a little thank you for supporting us from the start!

Initial launch features include:

  • Unlimited access to the on-demand video library for businesses
  • Enjoy new videos added weekly
  • Receive an email each week with links to the latest videos – directly to your staff’s inboxes!
  • 1 x free online private 30-min session per business referral you pass our way

As the service develops more features will be added in later stages at no extra cost to EARLY ADOPTERS.

Once we take on our last Tier 1, early Adopter business, we plan to start improving and expanding our service offering, this will include:

All the above PLUS:

  • A weekly wellness tips email newsletter, designed exclusively for businesses
  • 50% off, discounted rate, for additional private online classes and workshops booked for your staff & teams
  • Free support and guidance on how to implement wellness incentives into the workplace and get staff engaged
  • Early access to LIVE group online classes during test phase for all staff

There will be 75 subscriptions available at this LIFETIME lower rate up for grabs.

The plans don’t stop there though…

When we hit our first 100 subscribers, we will be able to bring your staff so much more! A few of the things we hope to deliver at this stage are:

All the above from Tier 1 & Tier 2 PLUS:

  • Access to an exclusive online corporate wellness magazine – aimed at staff and business leaders
  • Weekly live classes
  • Monthly online wellness webinars and events to educate, inspire and improved health and wellness within the workplace and at home!

I hope to continue and grow this platform even further from the proposed, which may include price increases.  However, for all businesses that sign up for this service before June 30th 2022, their subscription plan will be locked in at whichever tiered price they initially bought at for LIFE – guaranteed.


Any questions?

If you have any further questions about this product or any of my other services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Call or email Harriet directly:

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