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Our most popular genetic test!

A smarter and holistic approach to enhancing your diet, exercise and all-round wellbeing. Using science to cut the guesswork, defining what works best for your genetics, so that future wellness, fitness or nutrition plans can be designed specifically for your bodies needs.  No need for trial and error any longer  – get results faster!

The Flotality DNA Fit package includes:

  • DNA FIT Home Fit test kit
  • A lifetime diet and nutrition guide unique to you, with guidance based on the results from your test.
  • Guidance on best training activities for your body, based on the results from your test.
  • A 30-min consultation call to discuss your results, explain them and answer any questions…

The entire package can be provided and completed remotely – so you can be based anywhere in the world to purchase and benefit from this service.

4 simple steps to start your wellness journey:

  1. Order your kit
  2. Take an easy saliva swab & send back to the lab
  3. Your results will be read within 10-15 working days
  4. We then review your results and explain what they mean via a call along with a basic nutrition and exercise guide

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Test + Basic Nutritional Plan, Test + Kick Start Program, Test only

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