Your journey starts here

Whatever your goal, whatever your ability, join me on the mat to move and breathe, recharge, relax and restore!


Enjoy live classes every week, unlimited access to 100’s of class recordings, PLUS! teaching tips and support via the private Facebook group – all from the comfort of your own home!

Suitable for all levels and abilities – beginners are always welcome!

No equipment required, just some space on the floor & a mat if you have one!

(That’s less than 33p a day!)


Enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Access my studio from wherever you are, on whatever device you choose. If you can’t make the live classes you can enjoy my video recordings via the Facebook group links or website video library.

Designed for functional fitness & to optimise wellness.

Whether you are a fitness fanatic looking to support your existing training routine, or just starting out on your wellness journey – let me help you achieve your goals…

On-demand Video Library

So you can catch up if you can’t make the live classes!  Choose from 100’s of classes, offering a variety of styles such as Vinyasa, HIIT, Yin, fitness flows, mobility sessions, post-workout stretching, or even skills-focused workshops…

Free Teaching Support

Another bonus of choosing Flo at Home is the free teaching support I provide my students both in live sessions and via the private Facebook group.  So if you have any questions or concerns, or need a little extra help with a certain pose or posture – feel free to reach out!

Small biz, friendly, local vibes

Unlike more commercial online services, Flo at Home is bought to you solely by myself, Harriet Smith, founder and fellow UK-based yogi. Due to the pandemic, my teaching had to go online, and so the last year I have strived to continue delivering my classes and workshops with the same friendly face and local vibe that students used to experience in the studio.

New videos every week!

Stay inspired and keep motivated with new flows and classes every week – no two classes are the same!

I also occasionally share bonus flows, challenges and teaching tips as well as send out weekly inspiration and motivation, wellness emails!

Try before you buy!

Enjoy a 14-day FREE Trial. No equipment required, just some space on the floor & a mat if you have one!

Discover true functional movement.

Through my online classes, available both live or on-demand, learn how to move better and stronger than ever before! Using yoga-based methods enjoy a variety of styles include sweaty HIIT Yoga sessions, mobility and strength-focused classes, or slow down, recharge, relax and restore.

HIIT YOGA: Fitness Yoga

30 min HIIT style fitness class

Get fit, tone up & lose weight with this Tabatha style class that will raise your pulse and build a sweat

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Enjoy a little taster of our popular studio class, using yoga-based training techniques with dynamic movement in a HIIT style format to condition the body and boost fitness levels.

Take this class at your own pace – suitable for beginners and advanced yogis alike.

SLO FLO: Restorative Yoga

30 min slow flow with breath focus and mini relaxation

A slower-paced class format, perfect for beginners or those just returning to the mat.

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Enjoy 30 mins of complete bliss with this low intensity, gentle yoga class. Moving in tune with your breath through basic hatha yoga postures.

FLO & RESTORE: Mobility Training

40 min mobility workshop

Unlock tight muscles, release tension, improve range of movement, build strength & stability, stretch off and relax.

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A dynamic style online yoga class, designed to ease aches and pains, encourage better movement patterns and build joint strength, to unlock your body’s full potential, improving health and enhancing athletic performance.

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Are your classes suitable for beginners?

Beginners are more than welcome and encouraged to come and try every class! Like-wise, I also encourage regular and advanced yogis to come and join in on the fun too.  All movements can be scaled or advanced accordingly.

How do I access the live classes?

I use Zoom to host all of my live classes, you will need to download the app prior to joining.

To get access details, simply book the classes you want via the studio timetable on my website here and you will automatically be emailed the access link.  This can be done in advance or two mins before class!  if you book in advance you will also get a hand reminder to keep you on track!

What devices can I use my membership on?

Both live classes and class recordings can be accessed on any device – tv, computer, tablet or smartphone, apple or android.

What if I need to pause or cancel my membership?

Memberships come with no ties, or long-term contracts – cancel whenever you like!  (But I hope you might stick around!)

Where can I get teaching tips and feedback?

I offer free teaching tips and feedback via my Flo at Home private Facebook group and instant messenger.  feel free if you have any questions to ask on there, or catch me at the end of a live class – I love to hang out for a little while after and get to know all my students!

Try before you buy!

Enjoy a 14-day FREE Trial! No equipment required, just some space on the floor & a mat if you have one!


Boost Health & Athletic Performance

Relieve pain, correct posture and feel less stiff by

Improving your movement range and joint stability