Flotality Nutrition is all about reigniting your vitality, balancing the body from the inside out, through good nourishment and healthy lifestyle choices that are aligned with your personal fitness or health goals.

Our nutritional programs and recommendations are all designed with long term success in mind.  We don’t believe in a quick fix, low calorie, low fat or fad diets that deprive your body and allow you to feel hungry.  These types of diets inevitably will cause a yoyo effect in the long term.

We believe in balance, fuelling the body with nourishing foods, that leave you feeling satisfied and energised, combined with a healthy active lifestyle.

We work with individuals, from those looking to lose a little weight to fitness enthusiasts or athletes who want to get the most out of their training.

Whatever your goal or reason for a nutritional overhaul, we are here to advise and support you every step of the way.  From designing meal plans and programs to being on hand offering support and motivation whenever you need a little guidance.

We can help with:

Weight Loss & Managment

If you are looking to loose weight and keep it from piling back on then you have come to the right place!

Our nutritional plans for weight loss are not about fad diets or starvation techniques.

We believe in a balance approved through food and lifestyle choices that lead to long term weight loss and improved overall health.

Fuelling for Fitness

Have you considered reviewing your diet to get more out of your fitness performance. Food is fuel for our bodies and if you are putting in the wrong fuel your athletic performance can take the hit.

From designing a nutritional programme to reviewing your current training routine we can help maximise your performance.

Clean Eating Lifestyle Options

Are you looking to change your lifestyle to cut out refined sugars and processed foods? Or perhaps you are considering a Keto based or low carb diet?

We can help advise and support your new lifestyle choice to make the change as easy and as effective as possible. We fully understand the challenges that lie ahead, but our own personal experience of these diet types has been very positive.

Digestive & gut health

(e.g. irritable bowel syndrome, IBS)

Digestive problems are often caused by intolerances, poor diets, or both.  We have a number of techniques to seek out those food types that might be causing the upset, plus will review your current eating and lifestyle habits.  Once we have gathered all the information we need, a full nutritional plan and list of recommendations will be drawn up and sent to you.

Fertility diet plans

Diet plays a huge role in our reproductive health.  A diet high in sugar can cause huge imbalances in hormone levels and can even prevent conception.  Our fertility diet plans assess your current lifestyle and eating habits, from this we can advise and recommend a nutritional plan to help boost your chances of conception.


Flotality offer a free 15 minute ‘Discovery’ telephone consulation to discuss your current situation, your goals and aims.  From this we will be able to advise on the next steps in your nutritional journey to reach those aspirations and find a healthier happier you.




We have various packages available, all of which are kicked off with an Initial Discovery Call (FREE) + Health Check.  This usually takes about 30-40 mins and can be done either face-to-face or via Zoom/Facetime, depending on your location.

During this consultation we will:

  • Discuss your goals and aims
  • Talk through any medical history and previous diet experiences
  • Discuss your current eating and lifestyle habits

From this, we will be able to design your unique nutritional plan which will be emailed to you within 7 days and a follow-up call with be scheduled to discuss this through in detail and to answer any questions you may have.

It is then advised to book a Followup Consultation in a few weeks time to track your progress.


Between sessions our team will be available for general support via email should you get stuck, have any questions or need additional motivation.

Depending on your package, we also offer telephone support and Followup Consultations to assess your progress,  discuss any problems or challenges you are facing, set new milestones to help boost motivation, keep you focused and stay on track.

Our Followup Consultations are usually 45 mins long and, again, can be done in person or via Zoom/Facetime depending on your location.


With all our nutrition services the goal is to reach your target.

If you have opted for one of our more comprehensive packages, you may have an agreed deadline date for you to reach your target weight or another achievement.  A final Followup Consultation will usually be booked around this time to record this achievement and talk about maintaining your results and next steps.

Here at Flotality, our measure of success for all our clients is to see them maintain long term results.  Some clients may be happy at this stage to continue their journey on their own, whereas others may need further support.

We can help by re-evaluating your nutritional plan for maintenance now that you have reached your target as well as recommending continued lifestyle choices.  We also remain available via email to support you with any further questions that you may have.

Our Nutrition Services & Prices

Nutrition Healthcheck

A full diet, lifestyle and health assessment, followed by the design of your personalised nutritional program. Our Nutrition Healthcheck includes:

  • Free 15 min discovery call to understand your goals and talk about your current diet, habits and lifestyle.
  • Design of your bespoke nutritional program
  • 30-min followup call to talk through the program
  • Unlimited email support


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Kickstart Package

What it says on the tin! Give your wellness transformation a kickstart with our more comprehensive nutrition coaching services which includes everything from our Healthcheck package PLUS:

  • a 6-8 week nutritional programme designed specifically to reach your goals, transform your health and leave you feeling revitalised
  • Weekly check-ins by phone or email to keep you accountable and on track.
  • 1 x 30-min Follow-up Consultation


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Using genetic science to cut the guesswork and get results faster through diet and nutrition advice tailored to your individual body’s needs and requirements.

From £250.00

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DNA FIT Health Test

Using genetic science to cut the guesswork and get results faster through diet, nutrition, fitness and overall wellbeing advice tailored to your individual body’s needs and requirements.

From £199.00

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Followup Consultation

Followup consultations are recommended in order to track progress, review your goals, discuss any problems or challenges and get any recommendations for solving.  Followups include:

  • 30 mins consultation by phone, Zoom or Facetime
  • Review current progress and discuss any challenges
  • Recommendations given over phone with followup email



Flotality is proud to work with DNA Fit, one of the worlds leading companies when it comes to fitness and nutrition genetics.

Their simple at-home DNA swab tests unlock a whole load of personalised information on your potential health and fitness.

Now, using their science you can cut the guesswork and be guided on everything from:

  • Optimal diet type and nutrient needs
  • Carbohydrate and fat responses
  • Food sensitivities and food intolerances
  • Peak performance exercise responses and aerobic trainability
  • Injury and recovery rates
  • Stress and sleep insights

Armed with the knowledge and our resources we will be able to provide you with a genetically-guided meal plan, advise you on fitness training to optimise your workouts, and help you transform your life for the better!


Boost Health & Athletic Performance

Relieve pain, correct posture and feel less stiff by

Improving your movement range and joint stability