Mens Health: Why Yoga for Men should be an essential addition to any fitness or wellness routine

Mens Health: Why Yoga for Men should be an essential addition to any fitness or wellness routine

I have reluctantly called this post “yoga for men” as I believe yoga is an amazing tool for any ‘body’, mind or soul on this earth. Being a yoga teacher, I know I am slightly biased, but let me explain…

Sometimes I feel that using the term ‘yoga’ to describe my fitness or wellness classes might almost automatically cut me off from the very people who perhaps could benefit the most from this form of exercise.

For many, the term yoga has stereotypical connotations, perhaps being perceived as maybe a more feminine practice.  This saddens me as yoga is so beneficial for all genders, ages and abilities, in fact – I could even go as far as to say that men might actually benefit more from a regular yoga practice.

So, what if we used the term mobility, or dynamic movement to describe “yoga”?

Would you look at my classes differently?

It’s time you guys forgot old-fashioned perceptions, put your pride aside, and got involved on the mat.  I promise you – your mind and body will thank me for it later!

Below I have summarised what I believe are the top 7 reasons yoga for men should be a common practice in a bid to tempt you into joining me on the mat one day!

yoga for men

Yoga for men: Just a few benefits for you guys…

Yoga for Men: Physical Wellness

Relief from aches and pains

Yoga, mobility or dynamic movement – whatever you want to call it is a great tool for helping the body move better, releasing aches and pains, correcting posture and in general just helping you feel better from the inside out.

By nature, you guys are physical creatures, some with manual labour jobs, others enjoy pushing their bodies to the max by doing other forms of fitness such as CrossFit, running, swimming, cycling, team sports or even a spot of golf.  Don’t get me started on how bad golf is for your body if no recovery plan is put in place!

Equally, some of you might not participate in physical activity, but potentially spend all day sitting hunched over a desk – which is equally as physically demanding on the body.

By moving better, you will also be moving faster, and maybe even stronger. Which brings me on to my next benefit…

yoga for men

Injury prevention

Yoga also supports injury prevention, developing better range of motion, improving joint stability and helping your body to bend not break.

Yoga can also help relieve the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), helping more blood and nutrients to flow to the affected muscles quicker supports faster recovery between workouts and lease aches and pains in between.

Sporting performance

By moving better, with more stability and movement range will also help you to move faster, and maybe even stronger.

With the added benefit of now having less injuries, less DOMS and now moving better too in general you might even see your sporting performance increase, achieving faster times, bigger PB’s etc.

yoga for men

Yoga for Men: Mental Well-being 

The benefits don’t just stop at the physical, your mental health will get in on the action too.

Stress relief

Yoga is one for the best, natural, tools for stress relief. Using movement and breath we can calm our nervous systems, create a better flow of blood and oxygen around the body, and allow ourselves some time out from our busy everyday lives.

Mood boosting

As with most forms of exercise, Yoga will trigger your body to release natural endorphins after your practice – you will leave the mat on a natural high and ready to come back for more!


Finally, last but not least, and perhaps lesser known is that yoga can help improve focus and mental clarity.

The meditate effect of movement with breath, allows our minds to focus on the presence, clear the mind of any unwanted thoughts and noise and focus in on the here and now.

Often this is down to the first benefit – stress relief. By reducing stress, many of those thoughts will automatically disappear. You might find you will now be able to focus fully on the moment at hand and see clearly what you want from the day ahead.

Many professional sports athletes will use yoga or breathwork before a big event to help them focus.

yoga for men

Flotality yoga for men – online classes and 121 coaching

I offer a variety of yoga-based services, from online group classes to private 121 coaching for mobility and recovery which can take place both online or in the studio.

I am not your typical yoga teacher; I come from an action sports background and more recently have CrossFit too.  I understand functional movement and fitness as well as how to best ease pain from previous injuries or everyday strains.

Please do reach out and ask me any questions you may have – I am here to help!

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