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low carb gluten free pizza

Low Carb, Gluten Free Pizza

This low carb, gluten free, pizza is the perfect, guilt free, go to for a quick nutritious and tasty warm meal and is a lifesaver on  those days (perhaps when you might have a hangover!) when you need a little comfort food - it just...

Fertility Yoga

Yoga is often recommended by both medical and holistic practitioners as a complimentary option to do alongside other treatments when struggling with infertility. Flotality’s Fertility Yoga classes have been specifically designed to nourish your reproductive system, balance hormones and relieve stress – the latter...

Fitness Yoga – Helping you improve sporting performance

Yoga is complimentary to virtually any sporting practice and will only help you to improve fitness performance and reduce risk of injury – both very appealing benefits to any sports or fitness addict.  Some of the world’s best athletes even swear their yoga practice alongside...

benefits of yoga

What are the benefits of yoga?

What is Yoga? Yoga is an ancient practice that strengthens, aligns and restores the body and mind using movement and breath. Lessons can vary massively from style and intensity so we recommend that you get out there and try as many different styles and teachers as...

Welcome to Flotality

Hi, my name is Harri and I would like to welcome you to Flotality, a brand new concept, designed to inspire and encourage people to lead healthier, balanced, lifestyles in a world where stress and unhealthy habits can take over and prevent us from reaching...


Boost Health & Athletic Performance

Relieve pain, correct posture and feel less stiff by

Improving your movement range and joint stability