world wellbeing week

This week we celebrate World Wellbeing Week, an international awareness week raising the profile for all things wellness – including yoga, functional fitness and nutrition.

Wellness is not about just being super fit, it’s about looking after both the physical and the mental sides of our health, it’s about finding balance in our daily life juggles between work, family and social, it’s about being aware of the importance of looking after ourselves.

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of our personal well-being. It’s also too easy to get overwhelmed with work, rush around trying to fit everything in and struggling to keep up with the rat race.

It’s so important to take time to look after ourselves, a bit of ‘you’ time should be scheduled into your diary as a weekly event (if not daily), to look after our mind, body and soul!

Yoga is a powerful tool that can help look after both your physical and mental wellbeing.

I truly discovered both the physical and the mental benefits of yoga at a tough time in my life when I was going through IVF. It helped me to relax and stay calm, even at a time when everything felt so overwhelming and out of control – just 15 mins on the mat could ease my stress and put everything that was going on into perspective. i could see clearer, I became more accepting of what we were going through and I found a way to be patient and trust the journey. Unfortunately that chapter has now closed, but the journey never ends, I still use yoga to help me both physically and mentally whenever I need it.

As we come into World Wellbeing Week, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you my own wellness tips, give you a chance to try my yoga and mobility coaching for free, and inspire your inner yogi’s to come out and play!

Here’s my schedule for World Wellbeing Week…

Monday: International Yoga Day

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Looking at wellness in the workplace – be that at the home or office. Let me share a few top tips for keeping healthy and sane at work, plus some ideas that your company may wish to consider for their corporate wellness program: Read More!


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