How to do Garland Pose

How to do Garland Pose

Garland pose or squat pose as some might know it as…

Is a brilliant hip-opening posture to relieve aches and pains from not only the hip area (thighs, groin and lower back) but also will help with ankle mobility too – so a good one for runners, cross-fitters or anyone who likes to keep active.  it is also good for people who spend long periods of time sitting during the day too.

Watch this short video I have made to guide you though the posture, how to get in and out of it, and any modifications you might want to make.

A guide to Garland Pose, Yoga Pose Tutorial


I will be doing yoga tutorials every week so if you have any particular poses you want to know more about, feel free to leave me a message in the comments below and I will see what I can do 😉


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