Healthy Pancakes Inspiration

Healthy Pancakes Inspiration

Who else gets excited about pancakes or is it just me?

I have already been planning my meals and looking for healthy pancakes inspiration for the big day so that I make sure get my full pancake fix!

Whilst I am at it though, I thought I would share some healthy pancakes inspiration with you guys, so maybe you could give them a try too…

Healthy pancake (and not so healthy too) ideas and recipes

Breakfast pancake options

For those of you who like, and do, kick your day off with the most important meal of the day…

healthy pancakes

Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes

I often start my day (not just on pancake day) with my favourite, go to, Banana pancake recipe which actually comes from a good friend of mine who runs Fit For Living.  These healthy pancakes are low carb and gluten-free but still taste amazing and actually quite low in calories too!

Last year to make them look more fun, I assed blue spirulina to the mix!

Full recipe and how-to guide here…

Pancakes for Brunch

Butternut Squash Pancakes by The Mob Kitchen

This is one I want to test out this year, but having tried a few of their previous recipes my expectations are high!


Eggs Benedict

If you want something more savoury – why not take a pancake day twist on the traditional eggs benedict recipe with this delicious recipe from BBC Good Food?!


Pancakes for lunch

healthy pancakes gluten free

Ricotta & Spinach pancakes

For lunch last year I chose to make a simple ricotta and spinach savoury, gluten-free pancake for my lunch.  For me, a savoury pancake is all the cheese, perhaps some meat of some sort like ham, and combining it with a healthy salad to complete the dish.

For the actual pancake mix, gluten-free or not, try adding a few herbs and spices to taste, or for this example, you could even mix in chopped spinach and ricotta to the batter for a double helping.  I also added a few sundried tomatoes to the toppings to give a bit of zing!

And finally dinner…

Quesadilla Pancakes

Mexican is one of my favourite cuisines – l love all the flavours, I love cheese and I love chilli too!  So for dinner I will probably turn up the heat with this Mexican inspired quesadilla pancake recipe for inspiration, but rather than use the pre-made pancakes as they suggest, I will use the same gluten-free recipe as I did for the ricotta pancakes so that my stomach doesn’t end up hating me!


Sweet Treats and Dessert Style Pancakes

For those of you who don’t already know (and that’s not many people out there!), I love chocolate, so for me, my dessert of choice will most likely always be chocolate and something… pancakes are no different!

This year I have been inspired by this chocolate orange recipe but want to get experimental (one of my New Years goals was to try and cook more), maybe throw some salted caramel into the mix?! So watch this space for my finished creation and of course the recipe so you can try it yourself at home!

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