This 30-day yoga challenge is completely FREE! You can enjoy the challenge from the comfort of your own home and will keep you fit and healthy both in body and mind…


  1. Signup for my 30-day challenge using the form to the right.
  2. Each day, receive an email with a posture or flow to try.
  3. Have a go – explore new moves & learn new skills! Snap and share your practice pics on Instagram – use the hashtag #flowithme

Feel free to ask for help and tips – just send a message either by email or via social media with your daily pose, I am always available to offer feedback and advice to help you in your practice.


You don’t need any equipment, however for those who are keen a mat is always useful, but you may also want to order 2 yoga blocks (hard) and a yoga strap from amazon too – you can see my recommendations for these items here on my personal blog.