Eat yourself healthy this winter

Eat yourself healthy this winter

Nutrition tips to keep those bugs at bay

There are so many bugs going around at this time of year! And it’s no wonder with the colder weather setting in, the lack of sunlight we receive and party season just around the corner – a time when many of us burn the candle at both ends!

So how can you give yourself the best fighting chance of staying fit and healthy this winter?

1. Take your vitamins

If you are eating a healthy balanced diet then you are most likely getting many of the vitamins you need without taking any extra supplements.  However, during the winter months, we need higher quantities of certain vitamins to stay fit and healthy.  These vitamins include:

  • Vitamin D – which strengthens our immune system and protects us from infections
  • Vitamin C – although it doesn’t protect you from colds, this vitamin does shorten the length of time you are sick.
  • Folic Acid – used for the growth and reproduction of cells, so again helps the immune system.
  • Vitamin A – lack of vitamin A can increase your risk of infection.
  • Vitamin E – a potent antioxidant, supporting the immune system and also can help with a wide range of diseases and the ageing process.


2. Eat warm foods

Think stews, soups and cooked root veggies!  You can even add warming spices to your dishes such as cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, cardamom, fennel, cumin, coriander and nutmeg.  Keep the body warm and mobile.

Also look to include foods that help to fight immunity such as garlic, yoghurt with probiotics, and sweet potatoes or another veg high in antioxidants. 

3. Drink lots

Hydration is essential –,, especially in the party season!  So make sure you are drinking plenty of hydrating fluids (that doesn’t include coffees or alcohol!).  If you don’t feel like an ice-cold glass of water – why not opt for a warming herbal tea instead?  The average person should be consuming at least 2 litres of water per day.

4. Get enough sleep

Our bodies heal when we sleep, so if you are feeling poorly, or not quite full of your usual energy try to get some extra z’s in!  Ideally, we should all be aiming for between 6-8 hour per night minimum. 

5. Soak up the sun

In the months where daylight is sparse, it can be hard for our bodies to get enough vitamin D (produced by sunlight) which is crucial to warding off illness.  It also relaxes the muscles, combats seasonal mood disorders, and aids the body in maintaining healthy sleep cycles. So whenever possible aim to sit near a window, take a walk and get outside!

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