CrossFit Open 2022 – Post-WOD Stretch Sessions

CrossFit Yoga – Post Workout Stretches

Join me on the mat to stretch out those aching limbs
and unlock tight muscles
Improve movement range, support post-workout recovery and prevent injuries with my mobility and restorative yoga classes.
These classes are suitable for all levels and abilities and are brilliant for anyone to enjoy, whether they do CrossFit or not – your body will thank me for it regardless!

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Select from a range of styles, including energising vinyasa flows and HIIT style fitness yoga to mobility sessions and slower-paced classes designed purely to just unwind and stretch off…


Every class is guided by myself, Harriet. So you can all enjoy my friendly face as if you were here in the studio with me! ⁠⁠


Classes are just 30-mins long, so easy to fit in around family, work and other training you might have on!⁠


No ties, no long-term contracts – cancel whenever you like! (But I hope you might stick around!)


Beginners are more than welcome and encouraged to come and try every class!


Like-wise, I also encourage regular and advanced yogis to come and join in on the fun too. 


All movements can be scaled or advanced accordingly.


Terms and conditions apply.