PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the launch of Flotality’s corporate On-Demand wellness program

corporate on-demand wellness

PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the launch of Flotality’s corporate On-Demand wellness program

Flotality launches a low-cost On-Demand wellness program designed to support UK small businesses

Harriet Smith, the Founder of Flotality Boutique Yoga Studio, is on a mission to help UK businesses, large AND small, keep their staff fit and healthy.

Pre-pandemic, Harriet offered in-person yoga and mobility classes and private coaching at her boutique yoga studio, Flotality, based in Eversley, Hampshire. However, when the first lockdown came, she had to adapt quickly and take her teaching online.  This change enabled Harriet to teach and support the health and wellbeing of people beyond her local area.  During this time Harriet has seen an increase in people needing help and support with aches, pain and posture-related issues caused by sitting long hours at a laptop or computer, made worse by poor desk setups at home or even working from the sofa!

Flotality’s new Corporate On-Demand wellness offering aims to combat this issue.

Designed by Harriet to help small (and large) businesses support their staff with these sorts of problems as well as inspire them to get fit, stay healthy and start to take better care of their mental well-being too.

The new service launches on 3rd May 2022 and gives the first 25 businesses who sign up the benefit of access to the BETA phase and ongoing for LIFE for just £25 per month, no matter how many staff/users they wish to add – making wellness affordable for businesses of all shapes and sizes

Staff will be able to enjoy…

  • Mini-desk flows to relieve aches and pains on your tea break
  • Mini body-part specific mobility sessions
  • Guided breath-work and relaxation to ease stress and anxiety
  • 30-min fitness, yoga, and mobility classes

Guides are predominantly mobility-focused, designed to support pain relief and posture correction for those who spend long days sitting at desks.

Wellbeing programs have become the norm for many larger businesses to include in their benefits packages.  Extra benefits of course come at an extra cost to the business and rightly so some business owners might worry it’s something they cannot afford to do.  However, Harriet recognises the importance of such programs and hopes that her new corporate offering will be affordable and accessible for businesses large AND small.

As previously stated, the first 25 businesses to sign up will be able to access Flotality’s corporate program for just £25 per month FOR LIFE!  Unlimited users, unlimited access.

  • In phase 2 of the BETA launch, Harriet hopes to give your staff access to live classes, as well as offer further support through weekly wellness emails with tips and ideas to stay fit and healthy, as well as provide further support that will help businesses to better integrate their wellness programs.


  • By phase 3, Harriet hopes to have a comprehensive, sophisticated service up and running that over 100 businesses will be enjoying.  At this stage, you can expect even more features to be added such as FREE monthly webinars and more!

To find out more about this service, or sign up, please visit:

Or for more information about Flotality’s other yoga and mobility coaching services, please visit

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