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Steve has spent years sitting at hot desks and various other poor desk setups for work hunched over a laptop which has impacted negatively on his posture.

As a result, he often suffers from aches and pains in the upper back and neck, as well as poor mobility, struggling to reach things off the floor at times.

Client goals:

Steve’s main goals were to fix his posture, but also get more mobile and relieve the aches and pains he had been suffering from as well as start to get a bit fitter.

  • Correct poor posture
  • Ease aches/pain in the neck
  • Build core strength and stability

His upper back, thoracic spine, was completely solid and his shoulders were fixed forwards in a rounded position. He also had poor flexibility in the legs and hips.  I noted these as the key areas we needed to work on – unlocking the upper back, improving flexibility in the hamstrings and quads as well as encouraging better movement range and alignment in the shoulders and upper body.

Proposed plan of action:

I designed a 4-week home program for Steve to follow alongside a course of six 121 studio sessions with me.

These weekly check-ins we useful for accountability and also gave me the opportunity to do an initial session with him before his at-home program (so that he knew what he was doing) as well as a final check-in at the end of the at-home program to measure results and talk about next steps.

Having never done any type of yoga before, these studio sessions were vital to teaching the foundational movements he would also be practising at home as well as making sure he was performing the movements correctly with correct alignment.

I could also use these sessions as a progress check-in.  Starting off with very simple, basic movements to get his thoracic spine moving more freely, then each week I could assess his range of motion and ability, then upscale the movements as required.

Steve’s home program was designed uniquely for him, focusing on his ability and his own goals rather than taking a generic approach.  This approach is much better suited for someone who has never done any yoga or class-based exercise of this type before or has very specific goals where a more generic approach just world not work.


posture fix

After just 6-weeks:


Steve already feels the difference in his mobility and feels a lot fewer aches and pains than before.

As you can see from the before and after pictures there is already a noticeable change in Steves upper back – he has lost the hunched/roundness and has become more upright. His shoulders are also now sitting in a much better position.

He also can now touch his toes – this happened after just 3-weeks!

Next steps:

Steve understands that years of bad-posture cannot be undone in just 6 short weeks, and so is committed to continuing his at-home programming with the support of a monthly 121 studio session to check in on his progress and upscale any moments as required.

In the next few weeks, I will start to incorporate more fitness-focused movements too as we keep working towards his goals together.

Mobility programming for Posture Fix

What Steve says…

Having spent a life of over 40 years in corporate spending many hours sitting behind computers, Zoom calls and more, even with taking regular exercise, walking and mountain biking, I found that one’s flexibility and posture had gradually gone downhill and something needed to be done about it.

I had read about Yoga that it could help with sorting these things, so contacted Flotility and discussed a 6 week programme of one to one sessions of about an hour a week with homework exercises in between, about 30 mins a day.  Had never done Yoga before.

The one to one sessions where well tailored and Harriet was easy going, taking it at my pace and ability but with enough push to progress.

After 6 weeks, including doing the daily home exercise schedule provided by Flotility (important 😉), there has been a considerable improvement in both posture and mobility, which I am sure all adds to improved overall health.  Much easier to move about, pick things up and do challenging DIY without the stiffness, aches or pains.

Having seen and now felt the benefits of Yoga to overall mobility, I shall now be keeping up the exercises and going back for more one to one sessions very month or 6 weeks.

Steve Bishop – 121 Private Client


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