hips openers and shoulder stretches
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Hips & Shoulders

Unlock tight hips and shoulders, release tension and improve your mobility with this 1-hour mobility-focused yoga class.

Peak postures such as Camel Pose, King Pigeon, the Splits and many other iconic postures all require good mobility in the hips and shoulders.  Many people suffer from tightness in these areas as we tend to carry our stress and tension here.

Good mobility in your hips and shoulders will also lead to enhanced performance in other sports and training routines too. Those who enjoy their fitness might also find they neglect these areas when stretching.

So, in summary, this would be a good class to attend for both those wanting to progress in their yoga practice, but also for fitness fanatics looking to squat deeper or improve their range of motion overhead – bend, don’t break!

Starting with a guided mobility flow to get the body moving and warmed up correctly, each class will incorporate some deep hip openers and shoulder stretches, as well as some, practise time to work on your individual goals before cooling down correctly to finish.

Due to COVID 19, these classes will be run as a course of 6, held in my Garden Studio at lunchtimes between 12-1 pm, starting on Monday 9th November.  Please see below for full list of dates.


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 9 Sparvells, Eversley, Hampshire RG27 0QG
 Open: November 9, 2020
 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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