4 Week

Detox, Recharge & Reboot

Body Transformation Program

1-2-1 fitness and wellness Coaching to nourish and REVITALISE achieving optimum health

Kick start your mojo and get back on track with our personalised body transformation program that uses genetics to cut the guesswork and fast track to deliver results.

  • Cleanse the mind and body from the inside out
  • Improve fitness, tone up and quit bad habits
  • Learn how to de-stress and re-focus the mind
  • Achieve optimum health and wellness

JUST £399.00

Our BODY transformation package includes:

  • Initial consultation to review current health, habits and desired goals
  • DNA Diet & Fitness Test
  • Personalised nutrition plan
  • Personalised fitness recommendations
  • 4 x 1-2-1 private yoga sessions

Fitness & Nutriton Programmed Just For You

There is no such this as a one-size-fits all fitness plan – that is why we take a personalised approach to tackle both your nutrition and your fitness health, using your very own DNA to create a highly individualised plan of attack guaranteeing the best results.

DNA health and fitness testing

Using genetics to cut the guess work

For this program we have partnered up with DNA Fit who provide genetic testing.  These tests examine your genetic disposition with regards your body systems and their impact on your individual health.  These tests basically help to cut a lot of the guess work that typically nutrition coaches and personal trainers would have had to explore traditionally, fast tracking you to the correct plan of action for your body type.


Personalised nutrition specific to your body type

Once the results are back, we can start on your body transformation from the inside out.  We will put together a basic personalised nutrition plan guiding you on what the best diet for your body type might be, along with this we will include a sample meal plan and some free recipes for your body type too.

Yoga to Focus the Mind

Using DNA to optimise your 1-2-1 Fitness Yoga Sessions

Finally, we will look at your fitness too.  Included in this body transformation package are 4 x 1-2-1 private yoga sessions, 45 mins each.  These will be programmed using the DNA report with your specific goals in mind.