Harriet Smith

Founder & Yoga Instructor

I am a Level 3 Yoga Instructor, trained in Hatha Yoga, with HFE qualifying earlier this year.

However, I have been practicing yoga for far longer, on and off for over a decade, but 2018 was the year that Yoga really ‘found me’ and becoming an instructor became part of my path.  You can read more about this story here.

Before 2018, and still a little bit now, I was/am a graphic designer and digital marketing consultant working freelance for many years with both small local businesses and international known brands too.

I have always been a health and fitness fanatic, I love CrossFit, running and lots of extreme sports too.  My yoga practice has been a great aid in helping to not only recover properly after partaking in these activities, but also helping to build strength and flexibility which has enabled me to progress further in each too.

I have also always had a huge interest in nutrition, always researching ways to improve my own health and performance and am a huge advocate of eating clean, unprocessed foods, although I do have a mega sweet tooth! I currently training to be a Nutrition Consultant, a service which I hope will compliment my yoga teaching perfectly – so watch this space.

My aim as a yoga instructor is to teach as many people as possible who might not necessarily choose to practice yoga normally about the health benefits of this practice and how yoga can be used as a tool to enhance/fix/recover from many things in every day life; from increasing your fitness performance to becoming more focused at work – or even just to get over a hangover!

I want my students to walk away from clients not only feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, but also enabled with a mini tool box of yoga tricks that they can practice at home if they wish!

My classes are designed in course format to help my students see progression, and are aimed towards complete beginners up to intermediate level yogis.  I always give options in each class for clients to either scale or progress movements so that you can take their practice to the level you require.

My yoga style uses the foundations of Hatha Yoga, but incorporated in a more dynamic way, creating flow within the practice.  Different classes are designed for different purposes, some may be slower than others if the focus is more for restorative purposes, where as others might be faster and more dynamic if the purpose if aimed more towards fitness – these may be more of a power/fitness yoga style.  Read more about Flotality’s different classes here.

I look froward to you joining me on the mat one day soon!


  • Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Yoga (HFE)
Harriet Smith, Yoga Instructor