Flotality is a boutique yoga studio, based in Eversley, Hampshire, run by yoga instructor and nutrition coach, Harriet Smith.

From semi-private yoga classes and workshops, private tuition and nutrition coaching services – our tranquil garden studio offers a beautiful, relaxing environment for a maximum of 3 students to enjoy and escape from the outside world during sessions.

We can also provide our services at your venue – be that yoga classes to support your existing fitness business, corporate wellness services, or even yoga parties.

In addition to our in-person services, we also provide a number of remote services from virtual mobility coaching, online yoga classes, body transformation and nutrition programs.

Our Concept

The Flotality Concept uses yoga-based training to enhance functional fitness, balancing the body and cleansing the mind to restore and maximise overall wellbeing naturally.

Aimed at beginners, athletes and anyone who seeks a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, our classes and workshops have been designed to:

Feed the body & the soul, inspiring healthy living through diet and exercise.

Look after the mind and body – reducing stress levels, providing anxiety relief, alleviating aches and pains, as well as helping with post-workout recovery and injury prevention.

Optimise functional fitness and sporting performance by improving mobility and flexibility as well as building strength and stability in the joints.

Who we work with

Although Flotality is available to all, and will always encourage healthy living through exercise, nutrition and mindfulness, we work primarily with two types of clients:

Beginners and those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle

At the very core of our ethos is always the individual’s health and wellness.  We lead by example and hope to encourage and inspire everyone no matter where you are on your fitness journey, how big or small you might be. Our passion is in helping individuals change bad habits, find love for movement, move better and lead a healthy lifestyle too.

Athletes looking to enhance their current training routine

Using yoga practices and techniques for both building core strength and enhance focus pre-workout, and also to aid recovery and restore the body post-workout. We also provide general nutritional support and advice.

We promise whichever class or workshop you choose, our aim is to make sure you leave on a natural high, feeling relaxed and restored.