It’s not just about 

touching your toes…

It’s about finding freedom in movement…

Re-setting and re-energising the body,

Playing with mobility and strength

Connecting with breath and nature…

Whatever it is that brings you to Flotality, I promise that your mind and body will thank you for it…

Connect the mind, body & soul

Find your state of flo


Move better, move stronger.

Using yoga-based, mobility training to support recovery, ease aches and pains, improve movement range, build strength and stability, and enhance athletic performance or quality of life.


Harness the power of breath.

When you combine movement with breath something magic happens – the body moves better, the mind thinks clearer.  

You relax. You feel good.

Discover how to balance the body and calm the mind using one of the most underrated, powerful, tools for wellbeing that EVERYONE has access to, for free, 24/7.

& Wellbeing

Feel energised & revitalised.

Inspiring a healthier way of life through movement and self-care. 

Learn skills and techniques to improve wellness, boost mood and energy, ease stress and anxiety and support/ improve other medical conditions.

About harriet

Yoga Teacher & Movement Coach

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years, and coaching for over 5 years now.

I specialise in:
  • Dynamic movement, building strength, and stability to help people move better and stronger
  • Restorative stretching for post-workout recovery
  • Exercise referrals
  • Advanced yoga coaching for those wanting to learn headstands, arm balances and backbends.
Beyond yoga, I enjoy CrossFit, adventure sports (wake, surf, snow), paddle boarding, running, and bouldering – all of which my own yoga practise helps improve performance and recovery, the perfect Yin to my Yang!
So what can you expect from a session with me?

Good energy, playful coaching, dynamic movement, and connection with nature…



David – Student

I had never done yoga before but a 1:1 session with Harriet really helped me learn some key positions and movements to help with my crossfit mobility. I regularly use what i learned as part of post-workout stretching.

The studio is also a great space. Highly recommend!

Molly – Online Student

Harri’s Zoom yoga classes have been fab and are especially helping to relax and switch off through current affairs. I enjoy the choice of classes, some are a little more challenging and some are great when you just want to take half an hour to relax.

I can definitely see the change in my flexibility / mobility and thankful to Harri for teaching such enjoyable classes.

Would definitely recommend 😍

Michelle – In-Person Student

I have been to Harriet’s live classes and done some of her online sessions, her lovely personality makes you feel relaxed and engaged and she instructs clearly and easily catering well for all abilities and levels,

I would 100 % recommend her classes.



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