3 reasons a workplace wellbeing program will boost your business health – both staff and profits!

3 reasons a workplace wellbeing program will boost your business health – both staff and profits!

Find out how a simple wellbeing program can improve productivity, reduce staff absence and attract better, more loyal talent…

Wellbeing – a word we’ve heard a lot this year, but what does it actually mean?

You essentially have two parts to your wellbeing:

  • Your physical wellbeing: How fit and able your body is. Are you free from aches and niggles? Do you have good mobility? Would you consider yourself fit and healthy?
  • Your mental wellbeing: How fit and clear is your mind? Are you always on the go mentally? Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? Do you worry a lot? Have you ever felt overwhelmed or close to burnout?

Mental wellbeing is often overlooked, but if not looked after will impact your physical wellbeing eventually, so it is important that we look after both equally to achieve optimum wellness and remain fit and well ongoing.

Offering a wellbeing program that looks after your staffs physical and mental well-being is a great way to support your employee’s health but also the health of your business too. Below are my top 3 reasons why your business should seriously consider adding a wellbeing program to their schedule…

3 reasons to introduce a workplace wellbeing program!


Healthy, happy staff are generally more productive – fact.

People who stay fit and active, both physically and mentally, tend to perform better – they have better focus, higher energy levels, are more productive and maybe more driven and engaged too.

Healthy, fit, staff are also more likely to be happier in general, creating a cheerier working environment too and improving the company culture, injecting good energy.

Essentially all the above factors can only improve your business both financially and from a cultural point of view too. With this in mind, wellbeing programs are an obvious no-brainer!


Healthy, happy staff will also take fewer sick days and their healthcare costs are likely to be considerably lower than staff who are not fit and healthy. Both sick days and healthcare costs negatively impact on your business profit. Offering a simple wellbeing program might help reduce this expense and will easily recoup the cost of such service from the money you will save on expenses incurred by unhealthy staff.


Healthy, happy staff who feel supported by their employers will naturally be more loyal to the business, better engaged with their job and the direction of your company and talk positively about the company too which could intern attract new and better talent.

Perspective talent might also be swayed to joining the team if they can see clearly that their new employers care about their health and offer extra benefits to support them.

Wellbeing programs can also motivate and inspire current and new employees to look after themselves better – imagine if you could help just one person in your company change their bad habits and live a healthier lifestyle – surely that’s got to be worth its weight in gold!


Yoga is a brilliant tool to calm the mind, relieve stress and improve mental clarity – all vital requirements when you need to be focused on whatever lies ahead.

Flotality’s Workplace Wellbeing programs can include access to live classes, a yoga video library and also a collection of mini desk yoga flows too for those 5-min tea breaks when your body is scream at you to move and stretch.

We also offer Focus Flow classes design specifically for businesses and their staff to help focus and prepare them for the day ahead or even to refresh their minds for the afternoon if booked at lunchtime. These bespoke sessions are non-sweaty so no need to worry about shower facilities for after and can be delivered online or onsite.

Find out more…

If you would like to find out more about Flotality’s Workplace Wellbeing programs or request a quote, please head over to www.flotality.co.uk/corporate-wellness or drop me a message on here!

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